“In efforts to provide the fixed gear community with tried and true products to withstand the abuse of everyday riding, Hold Fast and iMiNUSD collaborate to bring you the first FRS that unites both East and West coast.

With iMiNUSD and Hold Fast being the product of grassroots business and labor, each independently owned company has left a distinguished mark in a vastly growing part of fixed gear freestyle riding. We have teamed up to share our storied history with you and to provide you with a product that has set the bar for all foot retention systems dedicated to fixed gear freestyle.

iMiNUSD and Hold Fast are two companies built by the community, for the community. And we thank you for choosing to support your local, American-Made, business. Be on the look out for more collaborative projects from iMiNUSD.”

Loving the colour scheme of this, black and red. Definitely a favourite colour combo of mine.

Racer Rosa Bicycles

Racer Rosa Bicycles are based in London, helping customers recreate there old bikes into beautiful rebuilds and making custom made to measure steel bikes.

They currently offer Track and Road frames with the choice of silver-fillet brazed, lugged or both. They are cheap for custom bikes as well, a lugged frame and fork will only put you down £594, with a silver-fillet brazed frame and fork only £633.

Cheap doesn’t mean there bikes are pieces of junk as well, no they are the total opposite. Hand welded in Milan by Antonio and his father Ferruccio Taverna they are confident of the strength of the bikes they built . “Our frames will not break, they will last more than a lifetime.”

Go check Racer Rosa Bicycles out here

Sofus Francisco: TrackBikeShop Straps

Sofus Francisco  have made these straps for TrackBikeShop in Denmark.
Pretty sweet handmade straps Sofus Francisco. The leather straps  makes them look top notch, super classy and clean.

Deus Customs: Retired Riders

Deus have just received some new products and have documented it in this video.

Those Bridgestone bikes are looking oh so nice.

Sable & Argent: Downwards

Sable & Argent + Potential of Hydrogen Bikes = an awesome edit.

Stumbled on the Potential of Hydrogen shop when I got a little lost in Sydney in December, they had a nice set up going and some sweet looking bikes. The first edit from these guys is very MASHy. Just riding. What I love to see.

iMiNUSD: Japan Relief

Help iMiNUSD help Japan. Click the picture to go to the store.

MC Cyclery x Giant: Ride Sydney Experiment

What does your bike get up to when your not looking? Well I guess this show you… maybe I should just check on my bike, check it hasn’t gone ride about.

“Something big is coming to Sydney. Well, Giant actually. The experiment begins, April 2011″

Looking forward to seeing what this is. There is obviously quite a bit of building and planning going on.

Fixed, and what: SHOP OPEN

Fixed, and what have opened there online store. They got a couple of rad shirt designs and stickers available so get over there and spend some dosh.

Crumpler Perth

So today I went to the city to hang with a friend. That never happened. She didnt turn up. So I walked around Perth. Bought an Against Me! ticket from 78 records. Walking back along Hay St I spotted the Crumpler store, which is tucked away on Shafto Lane.

Being on the lookout for a new bag I went in to find a much bigger store than the store I had found in Sydney. Got talking with the lovely guy that worked there. Talked about riding fixed/single speed/brakeless/helmets/him going to Japan and about Bike Jam. Bike Jam are a group of cyclists in Perth who have various night rides and have gatherings and the like. Looks like a good group.

Anyway got some stickers and George gave me a pouch which is the perfect size to fit my phone and iPod, together or either one by itself. Quite handy really.

Didn’t grab any photos of the store. I’ll see if I can take some when I go back to purchase a bag. Did get some photos of the lovely stuff I got.


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