EVENT: ISpy Entertainment | Sunset Boulevard

I Spy Entertainment are running a pop up bar for two nights (Sunday Nov 11 and18) at City Beach Surf Club.

2pm until 8pm and $10 to get in.

More info over at ISpy Perth

VIDEO: BOgear | How to pack your messenger bag

Considering I am a terrible person in terms of packing bags this is a super handy video from the lads of BOgear.

A list of what time the important stuff is is below. I have highlighted the most important one.

00:34 – How to make your own back pad
01:17 – Messenger bag packing theory 101
01:37 – What I would normally carry with me
02:38 – Padded stuff in first
02:58 – Flat flexible items next
03:08 – Bulky items next
03:19 – Smaller items
03:38 – Why you shouldn’t put your laptop next to your back, and instead where to put it
04:18 – Wallet and pens
04:27 – Deodorant
04:34 – Phone in its dedicated pocket
04:43 – D-lock holster and its advantages
05:05 – Using the front flap clipping points
05:20 – Being a hipster
05:36 – Adjusting the messenger bag correctly

The BOgear guys have a lovely newish (2 months old) designed website so go check it out for more tips and tricks and all the radical stuff.

VIDEO: Steadfast | Ride In San Francisco

Super chilled video by Steadfast featuring Yohei  Hayama and a guest rider in Matt Reyes.

Check out a bunch of sweet photos and the like over at Steadfast

VIDEO: Grizzly Adam | UTCX Halloween ‘Cross 2012

So good to see a heap of people turn out for a bit of cyclocross on Halloween.

POLO: S.H.I.T.(E) 3 Bike Polo

The S.H.I.T (E) (Scottish Hardcourt-polo Intercity Tournament….in England) tournament was held on Saturday in Newcastle with Team Sensible from Edinburgh coming out winners. Euan Ryan made this video of the days events.

VIDEO: One Day

Featuring Calin Hermandez, Tyler Nakamoto, Humon Moeen and Charles.

Joseph Dodd: Some fun on the bike

I posted a couple of Josephs Sunday ride videos a while back. Late last year he posted this video featuring the different ways of filming that he is testing. Cars, Skateboards etc. Looks bloody nice thats for sure.

Revival: 2011

Revival is a series of shorts that showcase certain time periods. It could be a year, a month, a week or any amount of time. The idea is to showcase a period of time and remember it through video.

Filmed in Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Los Angeles, & San Diego California, New York City, Atlanta, Barcelona, Grand Cayman & Jamaica.

Skateboarders featured: Rhett Freeman, Candler Woods, Travis Glover, Jordan Trahan, Jordan Lucas, Clint Peterson, & Max Geronzi.

Filmed & edited by Chris Thiessen

Bandit Cross: Ruining It For Everybody Trailer

Bandit Cross takes cyclocross back to its roots and out to the people. It’s about racing for fun, sharing good times and building community

Figure Eight Premiere

City of Perth production by Ben McCormick and Matt Evans.
Features Barry Mansfield, Dylan Tomlinson, Phillip Marshall, Quayde Baker, Mitch Cunningham and Justin Lloyd.

Premiere over at the Bird on January 9. Free entry 18+.
All info over at the book of face.


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